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Learn how to create a revolution in your business with high-ticket sales.


How I Empower You

I love teaching service-based women entrepreneurs how to accelerate their monthly revenue with high-ticket sales.

Consistent High-Ticket Framework

Build your business around a solid framework that you can use to serve your clients with ease.

Consistent Higher Quality Clients

Attract clients that are decisions makers and committed to the transformation that you offer.

Consistent Higher Monthly Income

Comfortably and confidently close more high-ticket sales with ease to your core group.

Meet Shayla.

From bankruptcy to multiple six figure earner, Shayla Boyd-Gill, the Family Freedom and Affluence Mentor, is an EXTRAORDINARY and PROVEN business mentor and sales strategist who shows family centered women entrepreneurs how to have it all – family, freedom and affluence – while doing what they love.    She helps her clients to restructure their businesses and lives so that they have the freedom to be with their family and make big money all at the same time without the sacrifice.

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Stop winging into on your sales calls. Learn how to create a solid structure for a real conversation so that you can comfortably close more sales on the phone with your warm leads.

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